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I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Hope you had a wonderful vacation. 注意:Hope all is well with you / I hope this email finds you well 這個表達也很常用,但是呢,稍微欠缺了一些人情味,只有在完全沒其他話可講的情況下才用哦~ 2. 表達關注
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別人給我發封email:”Hope you are well” ,應該怎么回 …

18/3/2009 · 別人給我發封email:”Hope you are well” ,應該怎么回答? 外語 英語 09-03-18 中原師89 發布 8個回答 時間 投票 0 kouuna 不用回答。翻譯成中文就是‘祝好’的意思。一般的英文信件的禮貌用語
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5/6/2012 · Can I also say “Hope all are well with you.” Not really; “all” is singular by itself. You could say “Hope all your family are well”, but it would be more common to say “Hope all is well with you and your family.” It’s a fairly formal/old-fashioned thing to use “all”, so using
영어 이메일, “Hope all is well”에 어떻게 답변해야 하나요? | ㅍㅍㅅㅅ

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優質解答 Hope this email finds you well./ Hope this email finds you in good health. 謹以此郵件向您致以問候. 原文為英文正式郵件的套詞,出處無法考證,大致意思說法不一,但可按中文習慣進行翻譯. 另附某國外網友的解釋(解釋不一,沒有定論): It is to confirm from the receiver of the email that they are doing fine and everything is
Hope all goes well!!!
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hope all is well. 1K likes. Currently, hope all is well is a boutique, music-focused community organization based in Burlington, Vermont.
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It is grammatically correct. As for better ways to express the same thought: If by better you mean more grammatically correct, no — the phrase is eminently gramatically correct. If you mean more appropriate under the circumstances, that depends en
And I hope all is well with you…. #positivevibes #happyfriday 
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